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for the approval and regulation of underwater recreational activities within the protected marine area of Baia (NA).



This thirtieth day of the month of January in the year two thousand and seven



the Archaeological Authority of Naples and Caserta as legally represented by Maria Luisa Nava (subsequently referred to herein as the Archaeological Authority)



ATI S.r.l., the diving consortium Assodiving Flegreum, as represented by the diving centre, Centro Sub Campi Flegrei (subsequently referred to herein as ATI)



the Archaeological Authority, as managing authority of the underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae as instituted by inter-ministerial decree on 7th August 2002, having an institutional interest to broaden public awareness towards the Park, and

the diving consortium having been established specifically for the purpose of obtaining the Archaeological Authority’s authorisation to carry out underwater recreational activities within the Park






Article 1

The conditions form an integral part of the document.


Article 2

ATI obliges to carry out diving activities with a trained guide for a maximum of eight persons per dive.


Article 3

ATI obliges to carry out no more than five dives per day to each of the Park’s zones.


Article 4

ATI obliges, at its own expense, to install an anchorage point (dead body or buoy) at each of the archaeological sites in order to identify them from the Archaeological Authorities own underwater archaeological group.


Article 5

Admission fees to the Park cost €35.00 per visit.


Article 6

ATI obliges to provide the Archaeological Authority with a calendar stating the dates of the dives within the Park prior to the 5th of every month.


Article 7

ATI obliges to pay royalties of 10% on the total gross turnover to the Archaeological Authority on a quarterly basis.


Article 8

ATI obliges to communicate and justify (by reporting completed diving activities) the agreed payment within five days of the subsequent month, i.e. April, July, October and January.


Article 9

ATI obliges to open an insurance policy to cover possible damages which may occur to visitors during their activities within the Park. Stamp charges and possible additional costs are to be borne by the licensee.


Article 10

The parties oblige to revise the present agreement as often as is necessary.


Article 11

This agreement is valid for one year and is renewable each year.


Article 12

This agreement will be forfeited should any of the quarterly payments of royalties be withheld for more than thirty days from the agreed due date.


Article 13

In case of dispute, the court of jurisdiction is that in Naples.


Article 14

This agreement is written in triplicate originals and, having been read and confirmed, was signed on the day, month and year shown above.




The Campanian consortium, Assodiving Flegreum, was established on 7th August 2007.

The agreement regarding the underwater activities remains unchanged.


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