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Baia Castle
Castello di Baia
Castello di Baia
Castello di Baia

From its strategic position, the castle dominates the bay of Pozzuoli.

It appears to have been subject to many architectural impositions distorting it over the course of the centuries, the most significant being noted as those carried out by Don Pedro Álvarez de Toledo, Don Emanuel Fonseca and Ferdinand IV.

It represented an insurmountable barrier for anyone trying to gain access to the land from the coast. Indeed, it appears to be castle built with the purpose of defending the coast from Saracen attacks.

Following a terrible eruption which occurred on a single night late in 1538 it was damaged; that same eruption gave birth to Monte Nuovo, the New Mount. The Spanish Viceroy to Naples, Don Pedro Álvarez de Toledo ordered reconstruction works to be carried out making the castle a defensive structure against the Saracen invasions.

However, Baia Castle was not only a military structure; it was also representative of political and social gatherings, was where criminal verdicts were maliciously carried out and, in the 1800s, was where Garibaldi spent his holidays. As a result of World War I, the castle assumed the role of an orphanage to provide a home for the sons of those fallen.

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