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Temple of Serapis
Tempio di Serapide
Tempio di Serapide
Tempio di Serapide
Tempio di Serapide

The "Macellum" (market) is now known as Serapis or, more correctly, the Temple of Serapis following the discovery of a statue of Serapis, the Egyptian god. Despite the subsequent and repeated restoration works, the artefact can be traced back to the Flavian dynasty.

The Macellum was precision worked with rare marble and wonderful mosaics and had a half-domed apse under which the statue of Serapis was guarded, constituting a true and just sanctuary in adoration of the god.

The Macellum owes its fame to the phenomenon of Phlegraean bradyseism; date mussels' (molluscs) perforation of the Corinthian columns, made of cipolin marble, gives an exact measure of how deep the building was submerged below sea level.

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